Pastor Cody

Cody has been serving as the Head Pastor of Hams Prairie Christian Church since June of 2019 along with his wife, Kelsey. They welcomed their first son, Hezekiah, into the world in July of 2021.

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My Story

I've been in church since before I was born. Every Sunday of my life (save for a few in college) you could find me engaged and involved with whatever was going on. Growing up, I attended every youth event my church had to offer, along with many events that other churches had to offer. I LOVED church!

But something was wrong. Though I had bought in to everything that Christianity supposedly had to offer, my life looked a lot more like the lives of the Pharisees than the life of Jesus. I was a great person... when people were watching. I read my Bible... when it was convenient. I knew how to say and do all of the right things at the right times. But at the same time, I had fully bought in to more socially acceptable forms of sin: Pride, Gluttony, Slander, Gossip, Hatred.

After my first year of college, something changed. For the first time, these ideals of righteousness and holiness came to life. I saw God's standard of holiness and just how far away from that standard I was. I applied the text to myself, and found myself lacking. It was at this moment, my lowest moment, that God showed me His grace and His mercy. But this also left me with questions:

How had I missed the truth for so long?

How could I be so involved with the church and simultaneously be so unaware of my own sin?

What could have made the difference?

How could I have avoided so many of my wrong decisions?

These questions and others, preempted by the call of God, drove me towards ministry. I had to find out about myself, about the church I was raised in, and about Christianity as a whole.

What are Christians?

What are we here to do?

What role does the church play in that?

This pursuit has led me on a winding road to this church, where we can pursue the answers to those questions together. Please come and join us in that pursuit!


Please reach out to me through email or social media with any questions you might have!

Call or Text: (573)705-0957